Fiberglass Yarn

Fiberglass yarn is a cloth material made by squeezing and interweaving threads with a diameter of 3 to 100 microns from molten glass.

The materials obtained in this way are characterized by high tensile strength, are environmentally friendly, are not subject to rot, do not stretch, are resistant to water, and are nonconductive.

Fiberglass yarn can be recycled into several types of materials:

  • Lace. It is a fabric with a width of less than 30.5 cm with a loose edge.
  • Contour fabrics. Special machines are used for their production. The geometric shape of such fabrics coincides with the shape of the reinforced parts.
  • Corrugated fabrics. They are two layers connected by threads so that the final form beсome a triangle or rectangle.
  • Three-dimensional fabrics. These are ordinary fabrics connected by yarn in the third direction.
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