Silk Yarn

Silk fibers are obtained from the natural raw material — silkworm cocoon threads.

Silk yarn is widely used in the production of both smart and everyday clothes. The finished products are notable for their beautiful noble shine, hypoallergenic properties, weightlessness, lightness, pleasantness to the touch, strength, and durability. Silk absorbs water well, passes air, and does not accumulate static electricity. Silk yarn products made not only look attractive but are also pleasant to the body and practical to wear.

Clothes made of silk yarn are suitable for all seasons and are comfortable to wear in any weather. For a hot, sultry summer, products made of natural silk or with the addition of cotton, viscose, and linen are perfect. Dresses, sundresses, tops, skirts are made from such yarn. Such light, delicate, smooth, stylish, and beautiful products create a feeling of coolness, have good air permeability and hygroscopicity.

In cold winter, clothes made of silk yarn with the addition of wool, mohair, alpaca are usually worn. Such a combination ensures an elegant appearance and preserves the warming properties of wool. This yarn is used to knit sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, warm scarves, and hats.

With prolonged exposure to sunlight, the strength of the silk fiber decreases, and clothes may tear.

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