Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarn is a kind of synthetic fiber. They are obtained from petroleum products, acids, alcohol, air, and water. Outwardly, it resembles wool. Polyester is often referred to as ‘lavsan’ or ‘polyether’. It is used for the manufacture of outerwear: jackets, fur coats, coats, hats, as well as toys, blankets, bags, backpacks. As a rule, these are things that do not require constant washing, are durable but are not worn or used in direct contact with the body.

The main advantages:

  • Low thermal conductivity. It keeps the heat well.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Elasticity.
  • Unwrinkability.
  • Resistance to direct sunlight. These products do not burn out.
  • Resistance to mold, various insects, and microbes.

When it comes to the disadvantages, it is noted that such fibers do not pass moisture, are characterized by very low air permeability, are quite coarse, accumulate static electricity, and are subject to the formation of pellets.

Polyester yarn features a variety of colors, which makes it possible to make products bright and spectacular.

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