Leisure for businessmen: the best places for golf in Spain

Golf is one of the most famous sports for businessmen and members of the highest class of society. Spain has many upscale fields for this game, as well as luxury properties near them. This allows people to avoid long distances. In this article, we would like to consider the best golf courses and golf apartments in the Spanish state.

The golf course is a platform for business meetings

Golf fields will delight you with an excellent atmosphere for business meetings in the open air in a relaxed environment. They are often located in beautiful places overlooking the mountains or the sea, so it creates a pleasant environment for discussing business issues.

In addition, the golf process involves long, quiet walks in green fields, which leaves plenty of time and opportunities for informal communication and the exchange of ideas with business partners.

Best sports grounds and apartment purchase

Below are the most picturesque and equipped corners of the Spanish state, where you should play golf and enjoy the amazing scenery. Each of them is worthy of buying a nearby residential or commercial property and spending a pleasant time outdoors.

Golf course

Costa del Sol

It is one of the most popular golf spots in Spain. This region is located in the south of the country and offers more than 70 equipped fields, which are distributed throughout the coast. Also, Costa del Sol will delight you with luxurious apartments and cottages, each located next to golf fields.

La Zagaleta

It is a closed elite community on Costa del Sol, which is famous for its prestigious golf fields. This area has some of the most luxurious and expensive apartments and houses in Spain. So, if you have a lot of capital and are willing to spend it, then you should pay attention to this marvelous place.

La Quinta

This is another prestigious golf place in Costa del Sol. Near the field, there are luxurious houses and apartments with beautiful landscapes, such as the sea and mountains. Life here is just a pleasure for nature lovers who like to admire scenic landscapes.


It is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is popular due to its beautiful beaches and golf fields. After you visit Majorca, you should appreciate more than two dozen fields, including luxury apartments and cottages near them.


It is a small town in southern Spain, located near Gibraltar. It is famous for its golf field, which is located right on the seashore, with a beautiful landscape on the African continent and the Strait of Gibraltar. There are exclusive golf apartments for sale in Alcaidesa, as well as luxury cottages that will delight you with beautiful sea scenery.

exclusive golf apartments for sale Alcaidesa


It is one of the most prestigious fields in Spain, located in the south of the country in a region such as Andalusia. This region was chosen for the prestigious international tournament called Ryder Cup in 1997. Since then, it has become very popular among fans of this game. In the vicinity of Valderrama, there are some luxury cottages and apartments too.

Advantages of buying golf apartments

Buying golf apartments in Spain can be a great option for those who want to combine the golf field with business. The apartments are located near the fields. So it makes them convenient for trips and meetings with business partners.

In addition, golf apartments can be a great option for a profitable investment. The fact is that they offer a high level of comfort and luxury often. It is the optimal environment for fans of golf and lovers of a wonderful life.

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