Is it possible to make money from printing?

When starting a business, almost everyone tries to figure out how to tell the world about themselves. Where to order flyers, business cards, and letterheads? Does it all need to be done in the age of digitalization and the Internet? All these reflections usually lead to the conclusion that even in the digital world, there is no way to do without printing.

And this means that printing as a business can still be profitable. Printed products are needed by everyone – both the government and private businesses. In this article, we’ll tell you how to start a printing business and how to succeed in it. But before we get started, we’d like to advise you on one very cool website that does canvas printing.

These guys know exactly how to develop printing within the business, so there’s a lot to learn from them. They make their products to the highest standard, so if you or a person you know needs canvas printing, you know where to go. Pixoram creates a wide variety of content. For example, if you need Ford Mustang wall art, you’ll have no problem ordering them there!

What will I do when I open my own print shop?

First of all, you need to figure out what your range of activities will be. If you decide to open your own printing business, customers will expect you to:

  1. Printing (color and black and white).
  2. Large format printing.
  3. Printing on a variety of items (t-shirts and mugs).
  4. Lamination and stitching.
  5. Production of business cards, flyers, certificates, etc.

Calculate the starting budget

You can confine yourself to a minimal set of equipment or buy machines that can perform expensive, non-standard orders and stand out against the competition. But each such machine will cost you a very large sum – it must be kept in mind. We can’t give you specific figures because it varies from country to country.

Rent or buy premises

The best places to locate a print shop are the busy office streets of the city. Rental prices are usually higher than in areas that are designed solely as a place for people to live, but you’ll never be short of customers.

However, it’s not that simple. You could very well locate your print shop in the aforementioned neighborhoods, and the rent will actually be cheaper than if you were to locate downtown.


Buy equipment

Here’s just some of the list of equipment you’ll need if you’re determined to run a print shop:

  1. Wire cutters.
  2. Business card cutters.
  3. Corner cutters.
  4. Bookletmakers.
  5. Varnishing machines.
  6. Heat transfer presses for sublimation.
  7. Cutters for wire.

Don’t forget about advertising

Advertising is what will propel you forward. In order to compete successfully with other printers, you will need a good advertising campaign. You should contact a private marketer or an advertising agency to put it together. The most effective ways to promote are:

  1. Social media advertising.
  2. Contextual advertising.
  3. Website promotion.
  4. Handing out flyers on the street.
  5. Ordering and placing bright signs and banners on the streets.

These methods are the most effective and allow you to reach a large audience. Earnings on the printing press are a reality. It may show that this is no longer relevant in today’s world, but this is a misconception. On the contrary, typography is just gaining momentum. This is your chance to get into it and make money from it!

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