Best free Android apps for health and fitness

Excellent health and a slim figure – this is what everyone dreams of. And mobile applications accelerate the achievement of sports goals, so they are used as mini aids for counting calories, developing abs, etc.

Application “Burning belly fat in 30 days”

The app offers short but effective exercises for every day. They are selected by fitness experts and are suitable for workouts at home. So if you are not lazy and follow the recommendations of virtual instructors, a month later you will not be able to recognize yourself in the mirror.

The woman goes in for sports using a mobile application

Workout for the abs – create a beautiful, firm stomach

The service contains a special training program, which will help to create a flat, developed stomach in a short time. But to do this you will have to work hard and do all the recommended exercises.

The application provides different programs: for women, men, novice athletes and even professionals. Exercise at a convenient time for 10 minutes a day, and very soon you will catch the rapturous glances of passersbys.

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Lose weight in 30 days – training for women at home

The app contains exercises that will help you burn maximum calories and achieve excellent weight loss results in 30 days. As a result, you will not only lose excess weight, but also gain a slender figure (especially if you work the problem areas: buttocks, hips, legs, abdomen, etc.).

With this service you will be able to track your calories burned and choose the right foods.

Pay attention! apk for Android are available in Google Play and other resources. Choose the best fitness app and start your way to a slim body today!

Muscle & Motion strength training

This is a unique muscle training app. It is suitable for beginners in the sport, as well as professionals. The service includes more than 4,000 useful videos, about 800 exercises for building muscle mass, and is complemented by colorful 3D animation.

Instructions and sports programs are compiled by the best fitness experts. Therefore, with daily workouts, they guarantee the desired result.


Get a slim figure and taut stomach is not so difficult if you make a daily effort. It is important to supplement the process with diet and a healthy lifestyle. And useful fitness applications will help you achieve your desired goal easier and faster.

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