Using data analytics for online casino business analysis

Collecting statistics and analyzing customer behavior patterns have been used in business since immemorial. Knowing customers’ consumption habits allows you to attract and retain the maximum number of customers. However, only the emergence of the Internet and computer technology applications allowed bringing these tasks to a truly professional level and achieving a high degree of automation of routine tasks.

If you ask the question, “What exactly should be analyzed in the gaming industry,” the answer is simple – to study and analyze absolutely all aspects, from the user interface of an online casino website to the personal habits of each gamer who has already been attracted or with whom relevant work is being done.

What are the secrets of success and widespread popularity of the simple slot machine JetX game? This game carefully considered all the basic needs of the relevant segment of the gaming audience. The game allows you to relax well after a hard day’s work. It does not require much thinking and other aspects of the human psyche, such as intuition and subconscious thinking. Plus, the developers promise up to a 95 percent return on investment.

The JetX Game has a simple and intuitive plot. It is necessary to make bets during the flight of a jet airplane and have time to withdraw winnings up to its explosion. Game rounds happen so quickly that the excitement builds up very high. Additionally, most players like that the machine allows them to win often, including large sums.

The JetX Game
JetX Game

This game was developed using colossal amounts of data collected and analyzed throughout the entire existence of online casinos. Numerous split tests have been conducted, identifying the most effective formats for interacting with customers on some level.

Testing as the Basis of Success in Modern Online Business

Recently, there has been such a marketing strategy as growth hacking, which has now acquired wide application. The essence of the method is to conduct mass alpha-beta tests with the help of specialized software and online statistics and analytics services.

The capabilities of digital technology allow you to make thousands of tests and comparisons on many aspects of interaction with customers and make decisions about choosing the most effective ways and methods to increase customer engagement and profitability of gaming clubs.

As an example, we can break down how developers choose the format of the user interface of the casino site by collecting statistics and conducting split tests:

  1. The interface of the casino site is developed in parallel in many variants, at each of which small changes are made. This can be changed in the colors of buttons or directions of movement to achieve the goal of visiting the site.
  2. Further tests can be conducted either sequentially on the same target audience or different categories of players are given to participate in several modified sites.
  3. Some time is spent collecting statistics and evaluating a particular user interface format’s effectiveness in consumer attention and revenue generation for the game club.

The described scheme can be applied to all aspects of the casino’s customer relationship. The strategy of multiple alpha-beta tests allows one to identify the most effective formats and methods of customer relationships in a relatively short time and at a low cost. With the increase in the speed of computing machines, personalized relationships with literally every client can be achieved.

It is important to consider each new user’s smallest engagement stages in business analytics. One of the first such stages is registration. In this context, it is appropriate to say that Jet X login is designed and formatted from the point of view of the statistics collected in the past and the conclusions drawn on this basis. Writing at an online casino and beginning to play for free or money can take minutes. The registration form is simple and does not require users to enter meaningful personal data.

How Analytics Helps to Improve Business Efficiency Based on the Collection of Statistics About the Peculiarities of User Behavior at Each Stage of Interaction with the Casino


What does an average user do immediately after registering at a gaming club? Studies the features of the user interface and access to certain services. Further, the rules of any game in which the gamer would like to participate are studied. The client and casino relationship stages are also subjected to statistical accounting and detailed analysis:

  1. Before making real money bets, the gamer wants to try free play.
  2. After gaining some experience and understanding of the game process, the gamer makes small bets.
  3. Then, there is a need to somehow increase the winnability of participation in the game.

The developers of the slot machine featuring a jet airplane, to improve the user experience of players, first offer to try their hand at the JetX Free Game. Furthermore, according to their natural needs, most players begin making small bets. A high-winning slot machine makes an impression on the human psyche, and the user gets involved even deeper.

But how else to enhance the depth of the relationship between the player and the online casino? At this point, users are offered a Jet X prediction service. This service also uses digital statistics and analytics to give more accurate clues to the game participants at what point to bet and when to withdraw winnings.

The above-described scheme of using statistics and analytics to improve the efficiency of the business in the gaming sphere is embodied in software. It works almost automatically, allowing managers to reduce the cost and volume of routine tasks performed.

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